Celebrating a Tasty Anniversary with a Wedding Anniversary Cake

Most people only enjoy cake when someone they know happens to be celebrating a birthday. Cakes don’t have to only be enjoyed on birthdays; many couples have found that they love to enjoy cake while they celebrate their wedding anniversary. You’re going to find that there’s nothing boring about a wedding anniversary cake. Whether you’re trying to come up with an anniversary cake for one of your favorite couple’s anniversary party, or if you’re planning on an intimate evening alone with your spouse, you’re going to have a blast creating the perfect cake to help you celebrate your special day.

A Perfect Replication for your Wedding Anniversary Cake

The wedding anniversary cake most commonly seen will be the cake that’s been designed to replicate the cake the couple enjoyed at their wedding. Anniversary parties tend to be the place where replication wedding cakes are most commonly seen. If the original creator of the wedding cake can’t be found, the individual responsible for making sure the wedding anniversary cake ready for the party will take some photos of the original cake to a reputable baker. A good baker will be able to create an amazing duplicate. Before making the cake, it’s important to know the number of guests who will be attending the party.

A Wedding Anniversary Cake for Intimate Celebrations

There’s nothing that say you can only have a wedding anniversary cake when you’re celebrating your anniversary with a large group your friends and family. You can also enjoy a nice anniversary cake when the two of you decide to spend your anniversary at home together. Instead of ordering a large cake that replicates your wedding cake from the bakery, you can order a much smaller version of the same cake. The smaller cake will taste just as good as the larger cake did, and you won’t have to worry about filling up your freezer with all the leftovers after your anniversary.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative With Your Cake

There’s no law that states your wedding anniversary cake has to be a mirror image of your wedding cake. You might have loved your wedding cake, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat the same cake year after year. Instead of duplicating your wedding cake, you might want to consider a more personal cake for your anniversary. For example you could consider adding a loving and personal message to the cake, or maybe opt for a design that mirrors something special that happened during the past year of marriage. Just make sure you chose a cake flavor both of you will enjoy.

The Traditions to Start on Your First Wedding Anniversary

One very exciting time aside from your wedding is celebrating your first anniversary. It is a time to reflect on what a year has done to your relationship and the growth that has taken place. Many couples will do something for their first anniversary that reminds them of when they dated or their wedding day. For some couples, things like these can become traditions that are done each year. Traditions can help you refocus on what is important when it comes to celebrating such a great time in your life. These traditions are a great way to keep your marriage alive year to year.

Take a Picture

Begin a great tradition by taking a picture on your first anniversary. Make this something you try and do on each anniversary after that. It is so much fun to go back and look at those picture and the changes that happened each year to each of you and to your family. Many couples love remembering what they were like at certain times in the marriage. It can help you remember those times and help you see what kind future you have waiting.

Eat a Certain Thing

Many couples will celebrate their first anniversary by eating at a restaurant that they loved while they dated. This could also be eating a certain type of food that will remind you of those first times together as a couple. Eating something can bring back so many memories and feelings that you love to feel. This tradition can be so simple and easy to find time to do. Make this a priority on the exact date of an anniversary and jeep it sacred. Make it something you do each year to remember the reason you fell in love in the first place.

Watch Your Wedding Video

A great tradition to begin is watching your wedding video on your first anniversary. Many couples will get out their wedding pictures, cards, and videos to remind them of that beautiful day and what it meant to them. This can be a tradition that happens each year and will bring back laughter and excitement to your marriage. It is so much fun to see what you looked like on that day and the great people that spent it with you. What a great tradition to start and keep doing.


Things Learned By the 25th Wedding Anniversary

People can learn so many things in marriage. There are so many ways that marriage brings out the real person and teaches you so many things about yourself and others. Usually by the 25th wedding anniversary, couples have learned quite a bit about life and marriage. There are more than just the butterflies and wishes at this point than when that wedding took place. Many couples have learned a few things by this anniversary and never thought these things would ever be learned in this way. Marriage tends to teach us so much about life and ourselves.


More than anything, sacrifice is learned in marriage. Marriage is all about sacrificing what you want and desire for the other persons needs and wants. Marriages that last understand the importance of sacrificing for each other. By the 25th wedding anniversary, many sacrifices have been made. It may have been a sacrifice of a career or a dream in order for that other person to succeed and grow. True love and commitment requires sacrifice more than anything else in life. Marriages that are vibrant have seen sacrifice over and over.


Many people have a hard time trusting people but after 25 years of marriage, there has to be a trust like no other. It does not mean that each person has been perfect or without problems. Trust means that each person is in it for the long run and willing to trust the other person. Celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary can be a time to look back at the years where trust was so new and realize where you are now when it come to the trust in your marriage. Trust is earned at the moment of saying “I do.”


Forgiveness plays a huge roll in the health of a marriage and will definitely be learned by the 25th wedding anniversary. Many marriages will fall apart when one person is not willing to forgive and love the other for who they are. Many times forgiveness takes time and a lot of talking and understanding. Many marriages are vibrant and growing when forgiveness has been a stead part of it. No one is perfect and people will need forgiveness over and over. Each person has to be willing to forgive and move on with strength and commitment in the marriage.

Changes That Have Come By Your Second Wedding Anniversary

Many marriages change quite a bit by the second anniversary. People have no idea the things that come in those first few years of marriage. Many marriages are starting to really go through some transition by the second year and couples are enjoying getting to know each other on different levels. There are some changes that have come by this time and can either strengthen this new marriage or make it lose its foundation. These changes can come by surprise or they have been prepared for before marriage, which means they may mean something different when they come.

You Work Harder By Your Second Anniversary

Usually by your second anniversary, you are no longer having those butterflies in your stomach that you had when you first met and got married. This is a normal thing and when handled properly can make a marriage flourish and be successful. You are now at this time in your marriage where you have to work harder to keep each other’s needs above your own. This is also a time to create intimacy even when you’re busy or tired. Life happens and that’s what makes this change happen the way it does.

You Forgive More Quickly By Your Second Anniversary

Many people think that you would be less likely to forgive after being married 2 years but actually it is the opposite. Many couples begin to really understand the other person by the second anniversary and the needs they have. This is a time that you change and realize that they are not perfect but that you love them and forgive them when they mess up. There is a lot to be said for spending two years getting to know each other so much and really making that other person your best friend.

You Are More Comfortable By Your Second Anniversary

There is a comfort level when you have reach your second anniversary that you did not have before. May couples begin to really be themselves and let everything about them out in the open. Many people love this comfortable felling that comes when you hit the 2-year mark. You begin to see yourself falling into more of a routine within your marriage and becoming comfortable with your spouse. Being more comfortable can make a couple feel secure and at peace with the marriage and the life they have.

Tips for Choosing a Live Band or DJ for Wedding Anniversary Party

The music helps to set the mood at any type of celebration. That is why it is so important to put some thought and care into choosing a live band or DJ for a wedding anniversary party. The right choice can help to make the event memorable and fun. The wrong choice can leave guests bored and create an atmosphere that is not what you wanted for the party.
Below are some things to keep in mind when choosing a live band or DJ for a wedding anniversary party.


You do not necessarily need the most popular band or DJ in town, but you should choose one that has some references to share with you. Ask for a list of past customers from every band or DJ that you are considering. Contact a few of the references to learn how pleased they were with the overall experience of working with the band or DJ.
You should also check the Better Business Bureau to see if the band or DJ has any outstanding complaints on file. If so, you may want to find another option for the music.


View video of the band or DJ performing at other events. You want to make sure not only that music is great, but that they have the ability to keep the party going.


The personality of the band members of DJ is just as important as their musical ability. Part of the job of the band or DJ will be, as mentioned above, to keep the party moving forward in a fun way. You need someone who is upbeat, friendly and able to keep a positive vibe going throughout the party.


You should also consider the type of service that you receive. When choosing a live band or DJ for a wedding anniversary party, you need someone who will return your phone calls, be on time and keep their promises. If it takes a band three weeks to return your initial phone call, that might be a sign that you should find someone else.
Also, if the band members or DJ seem edgy about simple requests that you are making, that could be a sign that they are not very customer service oriented.


The final consideration on this list is the cost. For most people planning a wedding anniversary party, the cost is going to be a factor. One of the first questions that you should ask when interviewing live bands or DJs for a wedding anniversary party is what they charge.
That way, if a band or DJ is out of your price range, you won’t waste your time or their time.

With so many details involved in planning a wedding anniversary party, it can be tempting to just hire the first band or DJ that offers the style of music that you want. This, however, can be a mistake. Instead of making a snap decision, keep the above advice in mind.
Taking just a little extra time when choosing your live band or DJ for a wedding anniversary party can result in a party that will be exactly what you want.