A No Fear Approach to Giving a Wedding Anniversary Toast

If you’re the best friend of someone who’s celebrating their wedding anniversary, or if you’re a member of their family, you shouldn’t think that you’ll be able to spend the time eating appetizers and dancing. The odds will be pretty good that you’re going to be expected to put forth a little effort. More than likely you’re going to be expected to deliver a wedding anniversary toast. While being asked to deliver a special toast during the anniversary party is a very special honor, it can also be a nerve racking experience, particularly if you’re not accustomed to making public speeches.

Give Yourself Time to Plan

It’s in your best interest to give yourself plenty of time to prepare your anniversary toast. There’s very little worse than standing up to make a toast and suddenly finding you can’t think of a single thing to say. Not only do you want to give yourself plenty of time to think about what you want to say, but you should also make sure you write down your toast on note cards you can tuck into your purse or pocket. Doing these two very simple things will prevent you from ever experiencing the humiliation of standing in front of a room full of people and with a blank mind.

Don’t Try to be Overly Funny with your Wedding Anniversary Toast

The biggest mistake that many people make when it comes to delivering a wedding anniversary toast is the attempt to be funny. Everyone has been at a wedding or party where someone gets up to deliver a toast and tries so hard to say something funny about the person in question that they end up embarrassing themselves. When it comes to giving a toast, you’re going to be much better off if you speak from the heart.  Don’t even think about telling an embarrassing story about the couple you’re toasting, this never ends well. When it comes to your toast, keep things classy.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

When you sit down to write your toast, don’t panic if you find you’ve been staring at a blank piece of paper for hours. Writer’s block is perfectly natural. It’s also something that can be dealt with quite easily. Instead of writing a formal wedding anniversary toast, you should jot down a list of words you think best describes the couple whose anniversary you’re going to be celebrating. It won’t take very long before your list of words arranges itself into sentences that eventually turn into words. If you really get stuck, check out some websites that post toasts, you can borrow some of these ideas and turn them into your own. See this site for ideas.

Wedding Anniversary Speech Examples

Wedding can be fun and full of surprises. One of the really great parts of a wedding is when the best man and maid of honor give their speeches. This makes it become very intimate and personal and it can bring a lot of memories out for all to hear. Another great speech is for wedding anniversaries. This can be just as meaningful and full of words that help a couple celebrate this fun time. There are some really great wedding anniversary speech examples that can be used and maybe even altered to make it fit into any wedding celebration.

Rhyming Wedding Anniversary Speech

Some people love to entertain while they give speeches. They love to hear people laugh and enjoy their speech. Good ways to make that happen is to make a speech rhyme and flow. It is funny to see how you can make words fit together and create a story of the life they have together. Wedding anniversary speech examples can be found online and in books for weddings. Some of the really fun one’s are the one’s that rhyme and make entertain the people and the couple that are at this great celebration. See this site.

Family Written Wedding Anniversary Speech

An intimate way of writing a wedding anniversary speech is to get the whole family involved. You can have their kids, parents, or siblings write fun memories or past events that can all be included in one big speech. Wedding anniversary speech examples from families are fun to read and can be used to create your own speech for a sweet couple’s anniversary celebration. Some family members may have stories that they can incorporate into the speech and it will bring back so many memories and great thoughts of the past.

Children’s Wedding Anniversary Speech Examples

One of the sweetest wedding anniversary speech examples is that the children of the couple celebrating their anniversary write. This can be a time that their children share all of the times they saw amazing love between their parents and ways they learned how to love and accept by the marriage of their parents. Many children have great stories of the past to share during a speech and can really bless their parents by speaking about these things. Many children see their parents of great examples to emulate and having them talk about it while celebrating their anniversary can make that day so special.

The Best Wedding Anniversary Jokes

Wedding anniversary jokes can be used in speeches, on programs or even delivered by the youngest anniversary party guests as a form of entertainment. Below is advice about where to find the best wedding anniversary jokes as well as several samples of some that are sure to make you laugh.

Searching for Jokes

It makes sense to start your search for the best wedding anniversary jokes online, but don’t stop there. Yes, there are plenty of Web sites that contain thousands of jokes, but you should also stop by the book store and check out some printed materials. You might find some great material that isn’t yet online.

You can also look for subtle wedding anniversary jokes in movies, plays and literature. There are lists of some of these items online. Also, just pay attention when you are reading, watching TV or at the movies. You never know when you might hear a joke that you would like to incorporate in an upcoming wedding anniversary celebration.

Sample Jokes

  • Marriage is when a man and woman become as one; the trouble starts when they try to decide which one.
  • Young Son: Is it true, Dad, I heard that in some parts of Africa a man doesn’t know his wife until he marries her? Dad: That happens in every country, son.
  • Adam and Eve had an ideal marriage. He didn’t have to hear about all the men she could have married… and she didn’t have to hear about how well his mother cooked
  • Spouse: Someone who’ll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn’t have had if you’d stayed single.
  • A couple goes out to dinner to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. On the way home, she notices a tear in his eye and asks if he’s getting sentimental because they’re celebrating 50 wonderful years together. He replies, “No, I was thinking about the time before we got married. Your father threatened me with a shotgun and said he’d have me thrown in jail for 50 years if I didn’t marry you. Tomorrow I would’ve been a free man!”
  • An old man goes to the Wizard to ask him if he can remove a curse he has been living with for the last 40 years. The Wizard says, “Maybe, but you will have to tell me the exact words that were used to put the curse on you. The old man says without hesitation, “I now pronounce you man and wife.”
  • The man looks at his wife as asks “what would you like to do for our anniversary?”
    She then replies “we could run upstairs and make love.”
    He replies, “Make up your mind, we can’t do both.”
  • Jeremy asks his wife Naomi what she wants for their 25th wedding anniversary. “Would you like a new diamond bracelet?” he asks.
    “Not really,” says Naomi.
    “Well how about a Lexus sports car?” says Jeremy.
    “No,” she replies.
    “What about a holiday home in the south of France?” he suggests.
    She again rejects his offer with a “No thanks.”
    “Well what would you like for your anniversary?” Jeremy asks.
    “I’d like a divorce, Jeremy,” answers Naomi.
    “Oy, I wasn’t planning to spend that much!” says Jeremy.

How to Write a 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech

A 25th wedding anniversary is a huge milestone in the lives of any couple. You will surely want to deliver a good product if you have been asked to deliver a speech in honor of this very special occasion. Even if you have never written a speech before, you will likely find this is easier to do than you might think. Of course, once the speech is written, you will also need to work on your delivery. Below are some tips about writing and delivering a 25th wedding anniversary speech.

Writing the Speech

Quotes and Jokes

What use is a great speech if no one is listening? Grab the attention of the audience by using a joke or quote in your introduction. Doing this will draw in the listeners and keep them interested through the rest of your speech.


Some of the best speeches are not very long. Even the Gettysburg Address, one of the most famous speeches in history, was just barely over two minutes long. You should aim to keep your comments similarly brief when making a 25th wedding anniversary speech.

Ideally, the speech will be between two and five minutes long. This will give you plenty of time to make all of the necessary points and then sit down before the listeners start squirming.

Start Early

Do not wait until right before the wedding to start writing the speech. Most people will not be able knock out a quality 25th wedding anniversary speech in a weekend. Instead, this is something that you should work on, honing and editing the work, for at least a couple of weeks.

The Delivery


You’re among friends. You worked hard on the speech, so there is nothing to be nervous about. Take a deep breath and then deliver the speech in the manner that the couple deserves.

Don’t Rush

The audience will not be able to understand what you are saying if you talk too fast. Instead, deliver the speech slowly and deliberately to achieve the greatest impact.

Don’t Read

You do not have to memorize the speech word for word, but you should be familiar enough with it that you do not have to read from the paper. Bring a copy of the speech along with you, but only refer to it occasionally instead of staring at it the whole time.

An Example of a 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech

Mignon McLaughlin once said that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. I have been so fortunate to watch my parents fall in love over and over again. Today, as they celebrate their 25th anniversary, I want them to know how much I have learned from their examples.

To say that any marriage is perfect is sort of silly. There are always going to be disagreements, problems with the house or the kids and other issues of everyday life that push out any hope of perfection. What I witnessed from my parents was not perfection, but rather determination to maintain a happy home and a vibrant marriage in spite of issues that arose.

Mom and Dad, from you I learned how to love my own wife. I learned that being right is not nearly as important and being supportive. I learned that marriage is as much about commitment as it is about love.

On this day, your 25th wedding anniversary, my prayer is that you will find even more love and happiness in the next years of your marriage than you have thus far. And that will be quite a feat.

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How to Write a 50th Wedding Anniversary Speech

A 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone that most couples will never reach. A party celebrating such an event is a very big deal. If you have been asked to deliver a 50th wedding anniversary speech, you should take the time to properly prepare.

There are, in general, two types of 50th wedding anniversary speeches. The first is one delivered by one of the spouses to the other. The other type of speech is one delivered to the couple and the guests by someone who is very close to the couple. Since the latter is more common, the tips in this article will focus that type of wedding anniversary speech.

Let’s start with a very basic outline.

  • Thank everyone for coming
  • Introduce yourself and explain your relationship to the couple
  • Throw in a touch of humor
  • Speak about the couple. Include anecdotes, fun little facts, how they met and other such details
  • Talk about how not many couples make it this far. Congratulate them for doing so and for being an example to others.
  • Thank everyone for allowing you the chance to speak
  • Offer a toast to the couple

The above outline is just a starting point. You certainly do not have to follow that exactly, but you should include most of the elements listed. Take heart if you are nervous or uncertain about having the ability to write the speech. The majority of the population would feel the same way. Below are some tips to help you get started. You should also refer to the article titled “How to Write and Deliver a Great Wedding Anniversary Speech.”

  • Use your knowledge of the couple. Nothing is going to add more to the speech than stories about the couple from throughout their years together.
  • You should keep the speech to between 3 and 5 minutes in length.
  • Just make notes. When you first start writing the point is just to get your ideas down on paper. You can then go back and organize your thoughts into a speech.
  • Do not include anything that could potentially embarrass the couple or other guests.

Below is a short sample of a 50th wedding anniversary speech.

Thank you all so much for coming to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Mary and John. My name is Mark, and I have known this wonderful couple for more than 30 years. I have watched them grow – Mary in wisdom and John in circumference – and been privileged to witness a marriage handled in the way that marriage was intended.

Mary and John met as teenagers and, to hear John tell it, he always knew that he would marry Mary one day. Like most young men of the time, John went off to war. When he came home, Mary was waiting, and they were married.

They have had their share of heartache and, I’m sure, have been disappointed at times throughout the years. Still, they are together. Nothing was important enough to either of them to let it come between them or the vows that they made to each other 50 years ago today.

Yes, the fact that they are still married is, in some ways, a testament of their love. But it is even more a testament of their commitment. Mary and John, I am so honored to have had the chance to learn from you, to laugh with you and to watch your love grow throughout the years.

Thank you so much for the chance to share with all of you how much this couple means to me and how I feel they are an inspiration to all who know them.

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