Celebrating a Tasty Anniversary with a Wedding Anniversary Cake

Most people only enjoy cake when someone they know happens to be celebrating a birthday. Cakes don’t have to only be enjoyed on birthdays; many couples have found that they love to enjoy cake while they celebrate their wedding anniversary. You’re going to find that there’s nothing boring about a wedding anniversary cake. Whether you’re trying to come up with an anniversary cake for one of your favorite couple’s anniversary party, or if you’re planning on an intimate evening alone with your spouse, you’re going to have a blast creating the perfect cake to help you celebrate your special day.

A Perfect Replication for your Wedding Anniversary Cake

The wedding anniversary cake most commonly seen will be the cake that’s been designed to replicate the cake the couple enjoyed at their wedding. Anniversary parties tend to be the place where replication wedding cakes are most commonly seen. If the original creator of the wedding cake can’t be found, the individual responsible for making sure the wedding anniversary cake ready for the party will take some photos of the original cake to a reputable baker. A good baker will be able to create an amazing duplicate. Before making the cake, it’s important to know the number of guests who will be attending the party.

A Wedding Anniversary Cake for Intimate Celebrations

There’s nothing that say you can only have a wedding anniversary cake when you’re celebrating your anniversary with a large group your friends and family. You can also enjoy a nice anniversary cake when the two of you decide to spend your anniversary at home together. Instead of ordering a large cake that replicates your wedding cake from the bakery, you can order a much smaller version of the same cake. The smaller cake will taste just as good as the larger cake did, and you won’t have to worry about filling up your freezer with all the leftovers after your anniversary.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative With Your Cake

There’s no law that states your wedding anniversary cake has to be a mirror image of your wedding cake. You might have loved your wedding cake, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat the same cake year after year. Instead of duplicating your wedding cake, you might want to consider a more personal cake for your anniversary. For example you could consider adding a loving and personal message to the cake, or maybe opt for a design that mirrors something special that happened during the past year of marriage. Just make sure you chose a cake flavor both of you will enjoy.

Things Learned By the 25th Wedding Anniversary

People can learn so many things in marriage. There are so many ways that marriage brings out the real person and teaches you so many things about yourself and others. Usually by the 25th wedding anniversary, couples have learned quite a bit about life and marriage. There are more than just the butterflies and wishes at this point than when that wedding took place. Many couples have learned a few things by this anniversary and never thought these things would ever be learned in this way. Marriage tends to teach us so much about life and ourselves.


More than anything, sacrifice is learned in marriage. Marriage is all about sacrificing what you want and desire for the other persons needs and wants. Marriages that last understand the importance of sacrificing for each other. By the 25th wedding anniversary, many sacrifices have been made. It may have been a sacrifice of a career or a dream in order for that other person to succeed and grow. True love and commitment requires sacrifice more than anything else in life. Marriages that are vibrant have seen sacrifice over and over.


Many people have a hard time trusting people but after 25 years of marriage, there has to be a trust like no other. It does not mean that each person has been perfect or without problems. Trust means that each person is in it for the long run and willing to trust the other person. Celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary can be a time to look back at the years where trust was so new and realize where you are now when it come to the trust in your marriage. Trust is earned at the moment of saying “I do.”


Forgiveness plays a huge roll in the health of a marriage and will definitely be learned by the 25th wedding anniversary. Many marriages will fall apart when one person is not willing to forgive and love the other for who they are. Many times forgiveness takes time and a lot of talking and understanding. Many marriages are vibrant and growing when forgiveness has been a stead part of it. No one is perfect and people will need forgiveness over and over. Each person has to be willing to forgive and move on with strength and commitment in the marriage.

Wedding Anniversary Party Games

While games are not a requirement at an anniversary party, wedding anniversary party games can add a touch of fun and whimsy to such an event. Coming up with enjoyable and relevant wedding anniversary party games can be a challenge, but below are five fabulous ideas to help you get started.

Guess the Year

If the couple has been married 10 years or more, this game can be a fun choice. Assemble several pictures representing all of the time that the couple has been married. Place copies of the pictures -don’t use the originals as you would not want them to get damaged – on a board and number each of them.
The guests will have to guess in which year each picture was taken. The guest who gets the most right wins. Be sure not to place the photos in chronological order because you don’t want to give any hints to the players.

Wedding Trivia

Another fun wedding anniversary party game is wedding trivia. You will need to learn as much as you can about the wedding of the couple of honor. Then use that information to create trivia questions. Here are some examples:

  • How many bridesmaids were in the wedding?
  • Who was the best man?
  • What color did the bridesmaids wear?
  • How long was the bride’s train?

This is a fun way to look back on the wedding while giving the guests a chance to win a prize.

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Back in the Day

Create a game in which guests have to answer various questions about the year in which the couple got married. Sample questions are below:

  • Price of a gallon of milk
  • Which movie won the Oscar
  • Who was the President
  • How much did it cost to fly from coast to coast

The answer to such questions can quickly and easily be found on the internet. This is a wonderful game for a couple that has been married 20 years or more as guests of all ages will enjoy taking a look back through this game.

Dance Contest

If you are having a band or DJ at the party, then consider having a dance contest! Such a contest doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. It can be as short as one single song. Give the guests a chance to strut their stuff and then give prizes to winners in different categories such as: best form, most interesting dance moves and best effort.
This is a great way to liven up the party and allow many of the guests to participate.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Match Game

Many people know that there is a list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts, but how many could actually match each item to the correct corresponding year? Find out with this challenging wedding anniversary game. This is a great choice for a game that people can play while seated, so everyone can participate even if they are not up to getting on the dance floor!
Again, wedding anniversary party games are not necessary, but they are a fun addition to any anniversary celebration.

Printable Wedding Anniversary Games

What Celebrating Your 10th Wedding Anniversary Means

Celebrating your marriage can be a very fun and amazing time. One anniversary that seems to be a huge one worth celebrating is your 10th wedding anniversary. 10 years of marriage can come right at the time that many marriages are not succeeding. The 10-year mark can be a time of ending a marriage or moving on to a greater understanding of what marriage really means. Celebrating 10 years of marriage can mean many things to different people. This is a time to reflect on what works and what doe not and any changes that need to be made in order to have an amazing 10 more years.

Celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary means commitment

Many couples that are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary understand commitment. Through the first ten years of marriage couples are learning about commitment by giving up things for the other person. They are also learning that commitment means being there for it all and understanding each other’s desires and needs. Committing to walk with them through these things is really what having a committed marriage means. Most marriages that make it to 10 years know the meaning of commitment and striving to make their marriage work at all costs.

Celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary means comfort

At the time of your 10th wedding anniversary, you are usually very comfortable with your spouse. You have spent 10 years getting to know the details of your spouse and their heart, which helps you to be comfortable and feel safe with them. Comfort can come in all forms in the safety of a marriage. Being comfortable with who you are with that person can bring a feeling of trust and safety. Being comfortable after 10 years of marriage is a fulfilling commitment.

Celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary means hard days

Many people who are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary most likely have small children; this can be a time of long and hard days. Having small children requires a lot of time and patience and can be hard on a marriage that is not strong. During those times of child rearing, a marriage can be put on the back burner. These hard days will soon pass and pushing through these times will build an even stronger foundation for the years to come. Marriage will bring hard days but also will come with glimpses of beauty and grace.

Great Ways To Celebrate Your 5th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating your marriage can be something you do everyday. Many people love to celebrate their anniversary in so many ways. At your 5th wedding anniversary, you are still in the honeymoon phase of marriage. It is usually a time when you are learning so much about each other but you are still pretty early on in your marriage. Many people still want to celebrate even if it just 5 years of marriage. There are so many fun ways to celebrate this awesome time and reflect on your last five years and the years to come.

Retreat For Your 5th Wedding Anniversary

One really fun thing to do to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary is to go on a retreat. This may be just retreating to the next city over or traveling abroad. Whichever you choose, retreating can help you refocus on each other and your marriage. Getting away from the day in and day out can help you remember the excitement you felt just 5 years earlier. Many couples may even retreat to a campsite or even just right down the road in a really nice hotel. Retreating can be a fun way to have some time alone and get you away from the stresses of everyday life.

Create For Your 5th Wedding Anniversary

Another fun thing to do is to make something symbolizing your love and marriage. Many people love having something that reminds them of the commitment they made and the 5 years they have been married. Creating something to become a symbol for you and your marriage is a great way to spend your 5th wedding anniversary. Creating these things can also be a legacy that you can leave for your family in the form of an object. Looking back and seeing these fun things can bring great excitement.

Make Life Decisions On Your 5th Wedding Anniversary

Many couples will make big decisions after 5 years of marriage. One of those decisions is to start having children. Many couples get to their 5th wedding anniversary and they are ready to start to make their family. Making these decisions will change the rest of your marriage and future. Some couple may decide to adopt or to not have children at this point as well. Making these decisions will create a more love and fun for these next 5 years that you have together.