Wedding Anniversary Poems

Romantic poems can have a beautiful place in a wedding anniversary celebration. You can use the quotes on printed materials, in speeches or the card that you give to the couple. Short excerpts from poems can be included on napkins and in programs. A wonderful idea for a favor for wedding anniversary parties includes a romantic poem. Choose a poem and then print out enough copies for every guest. Place the poems in lovely frames and put one at each place setting.

A very romantic gesture is for one spouse to read poetry to the other at the wedding anniversary celebration. If that is too public of a gesture then consider writing the poem to your beloved in a card or letter. This will surely be something that he or she will treasure for years. There has always been something very romantic about poetry. The articles in this section contain advice about where to find all types of romantic poems, verses and quotes. Also included are examples of such quotes and poems as well as ways to incorporate them into your wedding anniversary celebrations.

Some people think that all wedding anniversary poetry will be the kind that is dripping with super sweet, flowery words. While that is one type of romantic poetry there are other options that are less melodramatic. The key is to search for poetry that fits the couple and fits the occasion. This can only be done by taking the time to search for the perfect verses in a number of places.

When you do find just the right words it will have been worth all of the effort as they will add so much to your speech, program or wedding anniversary card.

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