Wedding Anniversary Quotes

If you are writing a toast to deliver at an anniversary celebration or looking for some thoughtful words to write in an anniversary card, wedding anniversary quotes can help to set the tone. Wedding anniversary quotes can be funny, moving or touching. They can inspire laughter or a sense of nostalgia. You can find hundreds of wedding anniversary quotes in books, on greeting cards and, of course, all over the internet. Start your search right here as we have articles that contain examples of both touching and funny wedding anniversary quotes.

If you are giving a toast, consider choosing a great quote to open with and then another to close the toast. The opening quote will get the attention of the audience and the closing quote will be a nice cap to whatever you choose to say about the couple. If you are having trouble finding just the right thing to write in an anniversary card, a wedding anniversary quote is a perfect option. You can find a quote that reminds you of the couple in some way. Write the quote and then just add a few words about why you felt the quote was a perfect choice.

Even if you do have plenty to say, a wedding anniversary quote added to a card can make it even more special. You shouldn’t just read one or two quotes before choosing one. Instead, read through as many as it takes to find the wedding anniversary quotes that really speak to you. By the way, in addition to the quotes that you find in books and on this site, you may also consider taking a quote from the couple’s wedding day. The quote could come from their vows or from a toast that was given at the reception.

Wherever you find a wedding anniversary quote, it is sure to add to the sentiments that you wish to express to the happy couple.

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