Wedding Anniversary Quotes After 25 Years of Marriage

One of the things that you quickly learn after 25 years of marriage is that there are going to be some words and phrases that get repeated over and over again. It won’t take very long before these quotes become a kind of marriage mantra. The great thing about realizing all the little things you and your spouse repeat over and over again, will be that after 25 years of marriage, you can gather up all of these sayings and turn them into wedding anniversary quotes and create a one of a kind anniversary gift that will be an instant hit.

Choose Carefully

When it comes to creating a wedding anniversary gift out of the words and phrases you and your spouse have adapted over the years, you need to choose very carefully. There’s bound to be some phrases that won’t get the reaction you’re looking for. You want the gift to be well received, you don’t want it to be the reason you spend the next week sleeping on the couch. You need to avoid these. Only choose wedding anniversary quotes that show how much the two of you love one another, or which will get a good chuckle out of your spouse.

Collecting Wedding Anniversary Quotes

When you sit down to make a list of wedding anniversary quotes you might find that coming up with a complete list will be harder than you thought. The phrases have become such a large part of your life, that half the time, you probably don’t even notice when you and your spouse use them. You might not notice, but it’s a good bet that your friends and family members do. Ask them to suggest any phrases that they tend to associate with your family. You might be surprised with the results. Asking friends and family for help will be a good way to let them know that they’re an important part of your life.

Tips on Giving Quotes

Even though the thought might be nice, gathering up a bunch of sayings that have been used consistently through twenty-five years of marriage and writing them down on a piece of paper, probably won’t be good enough. You’re going to want to present them to your spouse in a special manner. Some ideas you might want to consider include using the quotes to frame a special photo, having the quotes engraved into something, or using them in a really nice wedding anniversary SMS. When it comes to giving the wedding anniversary quotes as a gift, you just need to use some creativity.

Here’s my collection of great wedding anniversary quotes.

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